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Engaging and Heartfelt: 5 NYC Real Estate Blogs Worth Reading

The Internet is hooking into real estate, and quickly. According to a 2013 report conducted by the National Association of Realtors , a full 90% of buyers searched online during their home search process, and 45% researched a specific home online. Listing pages and databases can be fantastic resources for clients looking for specific information - but the search itself can be overwhelming and dull.   Buyers, sellers, and real estate agents alike wade through pages upon pages of listing numbers, housing photos, cost estimates, neighborhood descriptions, benefits, detractions, and pages upon pages of (ir)relevant information. For all their searching, these exhausted researchers usually end their investigation as soon as they find the bare facts they need before gratefully closing out their tabs. But real estate isn't the stressful, confusing business that its web presence makes it out to be. Beyond the bland on-screen display of listings and stats, it's a thriving ind